Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Behind the Scenes- Tuesday Staff Meetings

Here is a brief snapshot of how we do our Tuesday staff meetings.
8:30- Direct report with Filipe
9:00- Direct report meeting with Archie
9:30- Direct report meeting with Renan
10:00-12:00- All staff meets.
12:00-1:30- We grab lunch together. (sometimes our families join us.)

On thursday at 4pm we do a quick check in for Sunday service to make sure everything is on target for the weekend. We also will do one subject focused meetings throughout the month to plan out message series, events or tackle problems we are facing as a team.

Also, I do a Monday morning 9:00am meeting with Laura who is our Administrative Assistant at South Bay. At that point we talk through my schedule and tasks for the week. She cuts my workload in about half when it comes to admin. This has freed me up tremendously to focus on leading, vision, teaching and preaching. She does a great job keeping everything organized around the office!

Behind the Scenes- South Bay Staff Meetings from South Bay Church on Vimeo.