Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter is here!!

So Easter weekend is upon us. South Bay Church is hosting a huge Easter Egg Hunt and 2 Easter services. I can hardly wait to see all that God is going to do at South Bay Church this weekend. For all of the details about the weekend you can go to our website by clicking here. Before the weekend hits I just wanted to pause and remind of the power of your influence. There are people in your life that will respond to your invitation to church this weekend. More people go to church on Easter than any other weekend throughout the year. Check out this story below of a person who invited a friend to South Bay last year Easter. This one is amazing! Be bold and courageous. Walk across the room, peer over the cubicle, go next door, spread the word... Don't miss your opportunity.

PS, here are a couple of invitation tools for you to use for Sunday. (facebook invitation) (email invitation) Just include these links in an email and send them to your friends. Can't wait to see what God does this weekend.