Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad

There are many things that I love and respect about my Dad, but today I want to write about just a couple of them in his honor.

1. My Dad goes for his dreams.
As I have watched his life over the last 27 years it seems like there is no dream or vision that is too challenging for him. Whether it is building a great company, building homes, purchasing properties, and many more things. As I have watched his courage and willingness to take risks it only makes sense to live this way. When I began sensing God leading us to start a new church it seemed normal to start something from scratch. I love that my Dad is willing to live out his dreams and go for it. This inspires me and challenges me to live up!

2. My Dad believes in me.
Growing up my Dad was always at my side at wrestling matches, football games, graduation from high school, college and seminary. He has always encouraged me by speaking hope into my life and challenging me to go for me dreams. Because he has believed in me I believe in what God has called me to be. The power of his words and encouragement has helped me to become a better man and go after the vision God has placed in my heart.

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!