Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet me at the gas station!

Church planters you will fully love and understand this! Church planters are classic for making use of whatever is available. For example, when you are a church planter a car becomes an office. A back pack becomes a store house for 10 books, 2 three ring binders, 13 manila folders, your bible, your journal and so on and so forth. Starbucks and any other place that has wireless internet is always on your radar and you are always on the move! At least when you first start. Not to mention all of the various places for staff meetings... Starbucks, McDonalds, Ruby Tuesdays, and this week was a first... A GAS STATION. Yes, you heard me correctly we had a staff meeting at a gas station. And no it is not because we were picketing gas prices. As you may know I am in columbia and the rest of the South Bay staff is in Charleston until we move out in August. So we have tried to find a meeting location right in between the two cities. And the best mid point was a gas station. So here we were at tables in a gas station with truckers all around us, while we planned, prayed, dreamed, laughed and much more. I am not sure if it was a little culture shock for the truckers to see a bunch of guys in "business professional attire" laptops and pda's. Nonetheless, it is a great memory. Archie, Renan, and Filipe, cheers to blazing a new trail. Staff meeting in a gas station!!