Monday, July 21, 2008

Traveling... A lot like life!

So the last month has been filled with thousands upon thousands of miles in a car. From Columbia South Carolina to Detroit Michigan to the west coast of Michigan back to Detroit then back to Columbia to Charleston SC to Gainesville FL to Tampa to Orlando to Melbourne back to Gainesville down to Ocala, FL back to Gainesville and then up to Columbia again. Loading, unloading, and reloading a car with luggage, pack n' play, and much more. Each time we go somewhere we pack our car to the brim like a tetris board. Each time it barely fits. Each time I pack or unpack the car I think about how I am dreading the next time i have to do the exact same thing. Right now we have just finished a family reunion in Florida with Stacie's family. Also, we sandwiched this by meeting with ministry partners, old friends, potential church partners and more on both ends. We have basically drove back and forth across Florida three times now! I think my least favorite thing about traveling like this is the inconsistency in your schedule. Never going to sleep at the same time, never waking up at the same time, etc... I think that this reminds me about the rest of life. Sometimes life is just a little messy and requires some inconsistency with your schedule. We have had the opportunity on our trips to connect with some wonderful family members, old friends, new friends, pastors of some great churches and much more. I am reminded in the midst of my travels to give thanks to God for the relationships in life and be reminded that there are two things of primary importance to God, loving him and loving people. At the end of the day this is what he wants most from my life. I must not loose focus when my life is not as convenient as I wish! Just over 3 more weeks of this and I will headed to San Francisco! PS, this explains my recent inconsistency with the blog, also tomorrow I will tell of my trip to western michigan where I was able to spend an afternoon with one of my heroes of the faith.