Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Month of Craziness

So I have tried to explain my schedule for the next month to people. It is a little crazy so I thought I would just blog about it so I can refer people back whenever it is difficult to explain. Only 3 weeks and counting until we get to the Bay Area and here it goes...
July 26-28... Atlanta to meet with Johnson Ferry Baptist and Cedarcrest.
July 29-30... Charleston to meet with several churches and individual partners.
Aug. 1-3... Bluffton, SC to be ordained by Crosspoint Bluffton.
Aug. 4-6... Bluffton, SC- Leadership Development training.
Aug. 7-9... Myrtle Beach, SC for Family Reunion with my mom's family.
Aug. 9-11.. Columbia to pack.
Aug. 12-14... Tulsa for Church Planters Round Table with the Association of Related Churches.
Aug. 14-15.. DFW to pack moving truck and meet with Fielder Road Baptist. for meeting at FRBC
Aug. 16-18... Drive to CA (by myself)
Aug. 18... Arrive in CA
Aug. 19-22... Find house for family.
Aug. 23-25... Move into condo/apartment and get settled.
Aug. 26.. Stacie, Caedmon and my mother in law fly in from SC.
Sep. 2... My mother in law leaves.
Sep. 3... Filipe and Mandy Arrive.
Sep. 11... Mission Teams arrive for Santa Clara Art Festival.
Sep. 12-14... Santa Clara Art Festival Stuff
Sep. 15... Caedmon’s 2nd B-Day party.
Sep. 17-22... Kansas City to meet with Pleasant Valley Baptist.

WOW!! I will be traveled out and ready to stay in California!!