Thursday, July 24, 2008

Decision Paralysis

One of the books I am reading this summer is titled, "Made To Stick." The question the books is asking is, "Why do some ideas stick and others die?" Great for communication and leadership. One reason ideas stick is because they are simple. The authors spend a whole chapter discussing this idea of simplicity. In their chapter on Simplicity they discuss how complexity makes it harder for people to make decisions. each leader and company should have a core message they are trying to communicate to their audience. The more information we give people the harder we make it for them to choose, the more clear our information and simple the easier it is for people to decide. Whenever we are helping or leading others we should ask the question, "what is the core of my message?" And then communicate from that core. I believe that when we lead and communicate like this we will increase the number of people who follow us and the impact of our lives!