Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun In Atlanta

Last night I drove from Columbia to Atlanta to meet with several partnering churches. Stacie and Caedmon hung back to get some needed relief from all of the traveling! This morning I shared about South Bay Church at Cedarcrest Church here in the Atlanta area. The pastor George Wright and I met my first semester at Southwestern and have kept in touch since. He is a young guy (like myself) and is doing a great job leading their young church of just a couple of years. Tonight I will meet the elders from Cedarcrest and the missions team from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. I will be sharing about the vision of South Bay and more specific ways they can partner with the work. I am so grateful to God for all of the church parnters he has sent our way. There is no way we could be starting this church without the churches who will stand with us, pray for us, support financially and send teams to get this thing off the ground. Thanks to all of our partners! You are a tremendous blessing! Oh, and after church this morning I stopped into a little pizza joint close to my hotel. I got the opportunity to share the message of Christ with my waitress and how she could begin following him. She was very open and eager to learn more. I am praying that she can get connected at Cedarcrest. Looking forward to these types of conversations in the Silicon Valley.