Monday, May 18, 2009

Purpose Driven Summit

This week I will have a huge opportunity to be a part of a teaching team leading a breakout at the Purpose Driven Summit at Saddleback Church. Three other guys: Ron Sylvia, Hal Mayer, and Dave Page and myself will teach a course on planting churches from scratch. This is a huge honor for me for several reasons: these guys have been in vocational ministry longer than i've been alive, they all three have mentored in many ways, and rick warren is one of my heroes. I was very humbled when Ron asked me to help with this event several months back. If you read my blog and pray please pray for me. Pray that I don't make a fool of myself next to these giants. Pray that God would help me be an encouragement to some guys who are about to start churches, pray that I could share our story and what we've learned passionately and represent Jesus well, pray that God's Spirit would really bless this seminar we are leading. It is amazing to me to think that a number of the nations next church planters will be in this room! I also want to use any influence I have to honor these men who I am teaching with. They have really paved a path for many other church planters.