Friday, May 8, 2009

Staying Fresh

I find one of the biggest challenges to a busy life is staying fresh. I recently heard a talk from Rick Warren where he said he, "diverts daily, withdraws weekly, and abandons annually." I found that advice to be extremely helpful but often times I find it hard to disengage my mind with only one day a week off. Like today is Friday my day off. I spend all week running at break-neck speed and than almost come to a halt for my sabbath day. I typically fill my day off with a longer quiet time in the morning, a little longer of a run during my workout, hangout with stacie and caedmon (typically going to a park), lunch at in-n-out, nap in the afternoon, reading after my nap and chill in the evenings either going on a date or watching the santos kids while they go out on a date. I had a conversation this week with a mentor asking him how he disengages and he challenged me to take up the study of great leaders in the past- George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Churchill, Ghandi and others. So today I purchased a copy of 1776 about George Washington's life. Anyways, all of this is a little ramble. I guess the conclusion I am coming to is this, it is very important for me to stay fresh as a husband, father, leader, pastor, friend and more. I want to live passionately for Jesus until the day I die. I think that sustained impact in life will require me to more diligently pursue mental, emotional and physical health.