Monday, May 3, 2010

Keep Growing!

We have a very intense pursuit of personal growth around here at South Bay. Our team is always exchanging books, audio resources, notes from coaching calls, insights from mentors and more. I love the culture that we've been able to create, which values continued growth and development as leaders. One of the greatest investments of our time, money and resources has been to go through various coaching networks. I've been in coaching networks led by the following leaders: Bil Cornelius, Perry Noble, Ron Sylvia and Nelson Searcy. All of these networks have been a tremendous help for my leadership. Each of these leaders has different strengths and has challenged me in different ways. Bil has challenged me to think big and never get comfortable as a leader. Perry has helped me understand leadership at a whole different level, Ron helped me understand how to think about our organization strategically, and Nelson has helped me understand church systems. I would highly encourage you to check out all of these guys.

In particular I wanted to let you know about a network being started this fall by Perry Noble. I went through this last fall and it helped me grow tremendously. Click here for all the details. When you consider the investment of your church's resources, there is no greater investment than in the leadership development of your team!