Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making Tough Decisions

When you are appointed a leader over an area of ministry you are the one who is called to make the final call. Sometimes this is a beautiful thing, sometimes this is extremely stressful. I believe this one thing you can never completely understand until you are underneath this pressure. I remember when I was in youth ministry and the most important thing I had to consider was how much it was going to cost to take the students on youth retreat. Now as a leader I have to make very complex decisions that includes every area of our church: first impressions, worship experience, students, finance, young families, and much more. At times this pressure is brutal. Here is why... I deeply want to reach our community for Christ. I want to do whatever it is that will help us reach the most people as quickly as possible. What's best for the church and for the mission is not always what's best for one person or one department. Sometimes I have to ask teams or leaders to make big sacrifices for the sake of this vision! Today I am up against a big decision for our church that has huge ramifications. I am glad that the Holy Spirit gives wisdom and strength.

So, in the end I am grateful to God that I have a team that supports me regardless of whether or not they agree with me. I am glad that we are all working together to reach as many people as possible. If you are a part of our church, I am so thankful for those of you who pray for me on a regular basis. Pray that God gives me increasing wisdom. Pray that God helps me lead the charge with courage and passion. Pray that God gives me the strength to be focused and helps me grow into the leader he wants me to be and the father and husband I need to be for my family.