Friday, July 30, 2010

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Over the last several months I've had various conversations with friends who were going through a difficult time in life and in marriage. I have these types of conversations often, and usually they are unexpected. Some of the time it's just a Sunday after church or over lunch or a cup of coffee. When I have these types of conversations I am reminded that everybody struggles at times, everyone goes through difficult times. Even people with good jobs and six figure incomes and apparently great lives. As our church has grown it is increasingly evident that I can't personally meet the needs of every person who struggles. There are just a whole lot of people coming to South Bay now, but that doesn't change the fact that people still need help. My job is now to facilitate and make sure large quantities of people are ministered to. This means equipping small group leaders, working with staff and continuing to cast vision about the importance of ministering to a broken world. The church has a responsibility to help people where they are to find healing and hope for life and eternity. If we ever miss this, we've missed the point of the gospel!

Couple of questions I'm wresting through: when someone needs help in our church is it easy for them to find the help they need? Also, do we create a "come as your are" culture that reminds people that they are accepted right where they are? Do we equip people to grow and work through life's challenges? Do we equip those who are being changed to then get in the game of helping others? It's just a good reminder for me today that this whole thing is about helping people who are far from God experience His best for their lives!