Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Need 2 Change

Recently I've been reading through Howard Schultz's new book titled, "Onward." I'm about 1/3 of the way through with the book and it's a fascinating read. Basically the book is the story of the decline of Starbucks, his return to CEO and the turn around of the company.

There is one key learning I'm gleaning from the book.

One primary job of a leader is to determine the strategic changes that need to happen at any one given time and then empower a team to see these changes through.

Great leaders are able to discern the changes that need to happen and then execute no matter what the cost.

Here are some of the challenges I feel when it comes to making this happen...
* At any one given time there usually about 10-12 major changes that need to happen in my life and in our organization. How do I determine the most important change?
* The day to day demands of leading an organization can really cloud my ability to get "above the fray" and see what changes need to happen.
* Major changes do not automatically and require a great deal of organizational energy.

So here are some keys I think to help ensure that I'm leading properly when it comes to organizational change...
* I need to make sure that my time alone with God... prayer/bible study is guarded so that I'm hearing from God about the vision for our church.
* I need to make sure that there is time in my schedule (at least one day away away from the office each month with no operational agenda) to think creatively.
* I must engage the key leaders of our organization into this process because they see things I don't see and in most cases will be the ones to execute the changes.
* I must have the courage to make the change when I believe God is leading us to make them... no matter what the cost.

Here are a couple questions for you to consider:
* If time and energy was not a limiting factor what changes would you make in your life/organization?
* What are the things that you are currently doing/responsibilities that you have/relationships you are in, that if given the chance you would not start up again?
* What is the change you know you need to make, but you lack the courage to execute it?
* What are the key habits in your life that are contributing to the momentum and success you are currently experiencing? How can you maximize these habits for greater impact?