Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Recently I noticed that the difference between success and failure is not always work ethic. I often find that people who are losing in life are working harder than those who are winning. Those succeeding are riding the wave of momentum, while others are spending the majority of their energy just trying to keep up.

It takes more energy for a dude with 50% body fat to get to 15% body fat than it takes for Tony Horton to maintain his rock solid abs.

It takes more energy for a person making $40,000/year to knock out $20,000 of debt than it takes for Warren Buffet to maintain his portfolio.

I noticed myself getting tired towards the end of 2011 and slacking in several areas. I had stopped working ahead on sermons and got behind on calendaring. I found myself working harder just to keep up. When I made this observation I decided that I didn’t like living like this way and it needed to change.

I gave 3-4 weeks to intensely focus on getting ahead. I spent time with our team planning out our preaching calendar for the year including the key passages of scripture for my 2012 messages. I ordered and started reading a handful of books for future series. I started studying passages I will teach from over the next several months. I created series snapshots for our creative team and I asked my assistant to schedule every creative planning meeting for the year. This all helped me get ahead of the curve! I am now working to study the following week’s passage the week prior and to preach through the coming Sunday’s sermon by the end of the day Thursday.

I’m feeling better about life.

When you notice an area where you are behind the curve you will need to give an inordinate amount of attention for a season to get ahead of the curve. Sometimes a few months, other times a few years. It depends on how long the area has been neglected. The principle holds true physically, spiritually, financially, with your job, your business, your church and in your marriage.

Get wisdom from people who are succeeding in an area where you are struggling. Create a clear goal and write out 5-7 action steps you can take over the next couple of weeks to jump-start the process. You will begin living ahead of the curve and you will start to reap the benefits of wise living.

What areas of your life or work are you behind the curve? What can you do today to jump start a change?