Monday, February 6, 2012

Advanced Problem Solving

"Great Leaders see a problem and solve it before anyone else knows the problem exists." My mentor Steve Stroope said this on a call last week and it rocked my world.

So here are a couple of follow up questions to ponder...
* If you continue to grow in your organization at your same rate of growth what problems will exist in 6 months, one year, or 18 months? Space, staff, structures, systems, etc..
* What's your next big hurdle as an organization? What is after what's after next?
* If you began to double in growth over the next year what problems would you have?

* What areas of your life if left unchanged will derail you at some point in the future?
* What areas of your life need greater attention in order to help you finish strong? (finances, purity, health)

Listen, so many of us spend our time dealing with the tyranny of the urgent. Great leaders equip their teams and build their lives in such a way that systems make ongoing decisions, and the bulk of their attention to higher level strategic initiatives. This doesn't mean that great leaders are aloof to the micro components of their organization or their lives. It just means that their attention is always on driving things forward and eliminating any obstacle that could potentially stand in the way of the vision.

PS, Steve just wrote a great book called "Tribal Church." You can pick it up on Amazon.