Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Resonance and Dissonance

Disclaimer: I am learning this lesson through my own immaturity and folly!

Question: What if you could double your impact by learning to communicate effectively?

Wise leaders know when to create resonance and when to create dissonance through interpersonal and corporate communication. Foolish leaders create a façade of resonance through “happy talk” and unnecessary dissonance by dying on all the wrong hills.

Great leadership discerns which hills are worth dying on and communicates vision in a life giving way. I have at times foolishly cast vision without thinking through differing points of dissension and then blamed the listener for their lack of support of the vision. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!!

I am learning… a great leader gets input from key team members and wrestles through change before pulling the trigger. This leader then connects change back to vision, makes vision personal and asks people to sacrifice for the vision.

I’ve noticed in my own leadership, dissonance is unnecessarily created when I am defensive or lead out of paranoia with the assumption that every person is out to get me. Dissonance is also imminent I make foolish changes just for the sake of change.

I am learning… wise leaders allow people to disagree privately without instilling a fear of being axed.

On the opposite side of the coin… I’ve witnessed spineless leaders who create a façade of resonance through happy talk and never address issues of misalignment or ungodly attitudes. This too is foolish. This person is no longer a leader, but a puppet.

Wise leaders are willing to create dissonance around the vision and big decisions… after processing through the decision in the context of a highly competent team and hearing from the LORD!

These leaders are still gracious in their communication and are not threatened by people who disagree. Team members who disagree privately and support publically can continue to function on the team at high levels. Those who gossip or betray in a destructive way must be dealt with swiftly and biblically in order to maintain alignment to the vision and organizational health.

All of this to say… let’s create healthy resonance by communicating with emotional intelligence. Let’s not blame people for our poor communication. And… let’s be willing to wisely create dissonance. Let’s protect the vision and deal with toxic heart attitudes quickly in a biblical matter.

PS, this principle rings true in marriage as well!! ☺