Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Minor Confession

So I am sure my blog reader population has decreased due to a lack of recent activity. I must make a minor confession and clarify that it is not an excuse or an attempt at an excuse only an explanation! :-) I have been more busy in the last 2 weeks than maybe any other season of my life. I am working harder and longer hours than any time before. God is giving me and my family lots of grace to get through this season but it is very tough. Starting a new church requires a ton of time and it is not for the faint of heart. I do know that I have the opportunity to influence people's lives through my blog and I am lagging in my lack of maximizing this opportunity. Please keep us in your prayers as we lead up to Easter Sunday at South Bay Church. We are praying for over 400 people at our first Easter. Will you join us in prayer for this? in addition we are doing a community wide easter egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter- April 11. Please keep this in your prayers as we get ready to impact our community in significant ways through this event and Easter. All of this will be on the South Bay website next week. I can't wait to give all the info. Thanks for your prayers!