Saturday, April 4, 2009

Innovation vs. Operation

Recently through a conversation with one of my mentors I received a helpful thought. As a lead pastor of a church I am not paid to operate systems I am paid to innovate systems for the church to run on. I think that often times I get too caught up in operating things that I should be equipping another person to operate. So this means that I need to do the hard work of disciplining myself and blocking out the time to create the systems. This also means that there are decisions I end up having to make more than once because there is not a system for that decision. When I am making too many decisions I should not have to make I should ask the question, "how can I innovate a system to make this decision for me." This is very important because leaders who never create systems never advance to a higher level of decision making for their organization. I need to be spending my time focusing on strategic moves that can be made to position our organization for future growth. This is something that was very helpful for me to think about.