Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections

Finished with the day. Tired as always on Sunday nights but hopeful of a new week. I was in so. cal all week from tuesday through saturday night. we took the team to catalyst west coast and spent a day at disney. lots of fun, but pretty exhausting at the same time. two days did not give me the usual time for sunday prep but in the end God blessed it.

Here are my thoughts after Sunday:
* Temp meeting location today. Had to meet at Wilcox HS instead of Don Callejon due to scheduling difficulties. Not sure how much it affected our turnout. Did everything we could to let people know.
* Wilcox is a much better facility but not in a better neighborhood. Which is higher priority? Don't know yet but thinking about Wilcox is a potential future meeting location for SB.
* Had 138 total, only had 15 kids, i guess the parents with young kids are the ones who decided not to come because of location change. Ended up averaging 180 people in April. Very happy about that number, but still are not consistently over 150. Praying that God would help us get through that next barrier!
* Talked about generosity today, said, when we live to give this is when we find life. taught from i timothy 6.
* Called today "compassion day" and gave people the opportunity to adopt a compassion child. we were able to find sponsors for 17 out of 20 kids sent to us from compassion int.
* I love the people who are coming to SB. Most of them did not grow up in church and have not gone to church in a very long time. Good to see them begin to know and understand the teachings of Jesus.
* I am feeling very stressed about a couple of decisions i need to make in the next week or two about the future of our church. All good stuff that has huge impacts on our church. I am in a research gathering mode, getting thoughts and feedback from our staff, leadership team and mentors. this makes me sweat and gives me headaches.
* Excited about next Sunday, we are doing our first ever baptism at South Bay. I am praying that God helps people trust him publicly with their decision to follow Him! I believe that this is going to be the best celebration at our church and believe that you will be incredibly inspired what God is going to do in our midst!
* I have a ton to get accomplished this week! Pray that God would give me wisdom and strength to be very focused and manage my time well.

That is it for now! Need to get some rest before the day hits tomorrow!