Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gut Check

Recently read a quote by Max DePree that says a leader's primary responsibility is to define reality. That means when things are going well he encourages the troops and celebrates victories, and when areas of the organization are lagging he deals with what is wrong... head on. Every leader faces the temptation to avoid reality... especially when there is momentum. I find that it is easier to ignore areas of the organization that are lagging when vital stats are going up and to the right. However, this is the best time to identify areas that need attention and focus. It is kind of like filling up a large bucket that is made of staves. Whenever there is a low stave the bucket cannot get full. When you pour on, the bottom line will eventually fall back into the lowest stave. In an organization momentum can become deceiving... Your organization may appear full right now but it will eventually settle back in if the lagging areas on not dealt with and brought up to par. Leader avoid these areas of the organization because of insecurity and pride. This is also true about relationships, your personal life and in many other sectors. Our task both personally and organizationally is to be willing to confront those areas that need attention and give our heart and soul to raising that with the organization. Then and only then will we be fully prepared to continue to receive all that God has for us! Don't let your progress deceive you. Don't let your successes go to your head. Stay humble and be willing to confront the facts so that you can continue to grow. This is what God is teaching me today!