Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections

Great day today at South Bay Church! Here are some of the highlights and reflections from this weekend.
* Comeback event on Saturday. Cookout with about 50 people. Good number of people from Easter services came to the cookout. Great way to get people connecting and building relationships. Pauline one of our volunteers planned the cookout and did a great job.
* Filipe spoke this morning. Great to have a morning off. Great to have a staff that I can trust to bring it. I got experience South Bay from a different perspective. I helped out with set-up this morning. I had no clue what I was doing, but got to watch it all take shape. We really do have the best volunteers, cheerful hard working people. Our team makes me want to give my best! Thank you guys who serve so diligently every week. You are the best!!
* Filipe's Message today was incredible, it was about relationships. Main point was: "selfishness is the disease that kills relationships, selflessness is the remedy that heals relationships." We took at the example of Jesus' sacrifice and his model for relationships!
* 143 total people at worship this morning. i was a little surprised by the dip, but i am hopeful that we will continue to make numerical progress because so many healthy things are happening in the church. Ron Sylvia said on his twitter, "palm sunday, easter sunday, bomb sunday."
* 43 adults tonight at our volunteer celebration. we have a ton of people who are new believers and not yet followers of Christ. they are some of the best workers. They are energetic and encouraging to be around because they have such a fresh perspective on Jesus!
* Service was very smooth this Sunday, only a couple of glitches throughout the day. We are making a ton of progress in having a consistent worship experience! That is good and gives a baseline for creativity.
* Archie has gone away from music stands. Easter was his day to make the switch. I am proud of him. Two great weeks using ground monitors. It takes the quality of our worship experience to another level.
* Cool to see God's Spirit working in people's hearts and to watch a church take formation. I am humbled as I realize that he is the one who builds His Church and I get to be a part of it! The Holy Spirit is doing some pretty incredible things in people's hearts and people's lives are changing.
* Next Sunday we are doing Compassion Sunday at Wilcox HS. I am pumped about this week and I believe we are going to experience a great week! Talking about compassion and financial freedom. Started working on the message this afternoon. Can't wait to give it.
* Heading to So. Cal this week for Catalyst West Coast. Going to be a great time with staff families! Praying that God really refreshes us and allows us to enjoy the time with one another.
* Amazing to think that one day we will have as many first time guests as total in attendance. God is going to do even greater things in our midst and I can't wait to be a part of it! Exciting to think that the best is yet to come.

I think that is it for tonight! Thank you God for letting me lead this church. It is a great privilege.