Thursday, April 9, 2009

Learn the Flow of Your Energy

Sounds kind of new age, but it is not. Our bodies have rhythms. There is a time a day when you are most alert and when your energy starts to go down. For me, the morning is my best time of day... It is the time when my mind is most alert and most energetic. It is the time when my thoughts flow freely and I can get a lot accomplished. I was reminded by one of my mentors Steve Stroope of the importance of paying attention to how I manage this energy in conjunction with my time. I should my peak times of the day to do my most important tasks that require the most thought and energy. In all of our lives there is the 20/80 rule in action. There are the 20% of tasks that accomplish 80% of the results that we get from our lives. We should use peak times to focus on those 20% activities. Another thing that Steve mentioned is the fact that this is the difference between a great leader and an average leader. The great leader disciplines him or herself to do those A priorities and allow some of the lower level priorities to fall to others or pick other times to tackle those things. This has been helpful for me today.