Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning Download

The dust has settled from church yesterday. I am still in amazement of what God is doing in our midst. I really want to give such incredible praise to Jesus for His awesome work at South Bay Church!

Here are just a couple of highlights of yesterday:
* Highest non-Easter attendance to date, 221 people showed up for our church service. There was such a great energy in the service and great number of first time guests.
* We had over 20 people indicate that they were first time guests. A met a ton of people for the very first time! Most of these were from people who had invited their friends. This was so exciting to me to see the numbers of people who are bringing their friends to church!
* 3 people made a first time decision to follow Christ! Best number of the day!!!
* Our volunteers were incredible in creating an environment where people felt welcomed! Our greeters, ushers, hospitality team, Bay Kid's workers and audio tech team all kicked butt and worked with great attitudes!
* Kicked off our Losing My religion series looking at the story of the "2 Lost Sons" - Luke 15
* Talked about how religion blinds us and causes us to think God owes us something.
* You don't have to be a church going person to be blinded by religion!
* Everyone of has been impacted in some way by "religious experiences"
* Jesus wants us to lose our religion to that we can really experience relationship with Him.
* In the story of the 2 lost sons both sons had wronged the father equally, but the older son's pride kept him from receiving the lavish love of the father.
* Does pride in my life keep my from recognizing my need from God's amazing grace?

Thank you to all of you who work so faithfully in this church. Yesterday we had close to 50 volunteers serving in some form or fashion. Some serving all day from 7am-1pm giving their whole day for this vision of reaching the Silicon Valley with the good news about Jesus! Today we have a group of people in the South Bay offices following up with each first time guest! So many of you invited your friends. I am so proud of you! It is a real honor to be your pastor and to be a part of this church. I am more excited now than ever about what God is doing here and what he will continue as we believe Him for even great things!

God is doing so much @ southbaychurch! I can't wait to see what He does as this series continues. I really want to encourage you to bring your friends and make sure you make it for week 2 as we continue the series! Let's see what happens in our lives when religion dies! The best is yet to come!!