Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections

Today was an incredible day for us at South Bay Church! One of our best days we've had yet. Here are a couple of the highlights of the day;
* Concluded our Illuminate with a message titled "Radiant Sharing" from Mark 2;1-12.
* Had 217 people in attendance. We were praying for over 200 next Sunday. God answered the prayer early.
* Last Sunday outside, next week we go back into the gym at Don Callejon. So excited about that.
* Had over 40 people busting their tails to make the last day of this series a hit. Our team does such a great job giving of themselves for this vision. I have such deep gratitude to the many hands that make it happen.
* BayKids had a record number of kids... 46: Our BayKids team is doing an incredible job creating a top notch experience for kids. I am proud of you guys!
* We had dozens of people who came for the first time today. Many from mailers, invites and the web. I think that our mailers got there a little early, which hopefully means many people will respond next week when they get the mailer.
* Talked about the 4 friends who carried the paralytic man to Jesus, they showed tremendous levels of urgency! What if we showed that kind of urgency to get our friends to Jesus?
* Amazing to think of the fact that the four friends carried their friend to find Jesus, took him up a ladder and dug through a roof all to get their friend in the presence of Jesus... Our challenge is just to invite our friends to hear about Jesus! Much easier!
* Challenged every person to bring 3 friends next week. Many people took my challenge to heart.
* So excited about "Losing My Religion" starting this Sunday. Can't wait to see what God is going to do. I am praying that God would blow us away with this next series and move tremendously in our midst!
* Lots of work to do this week getting ready for South Bay's Fall Kick off Next Sunday! Don't miss it, bring a friend, it's going to be huge!