Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why I don't blog more, Why I should blog more~

Recently I've had a very hard time keeping up my blog or my twitter. I read so many other church planters and pastors who are so on top of this thing and I realize my social networking insufficiencies. When I blog, twitter or facebook it is always requires some level of discipline on my part. I would use the excuse that I am extremely busy, but at the same time I know lots of guys who are more busy than I am and they do a great job keeping up their blog. After a conversation with a big social media guy today I am challenged to re-emphasize blogging and stay on top of twittering my life. This got me to thinking more extensively about reasons for blogging and reasons for not blogging.

So here we go:

Reasons I don't blog more than I do:
1. A lot of what I would like to say is being said by other leaders.
2. I have a strong tendency towards being prideful. My flesh really struggles with pride at times and lots of posting can really feed this pride. It makes me feel like I am a lot bigger than I really am.
3. I think about blogging things or tweeting things too far after the fact. I think 2-3 hours too late and think, "I should have tweeted that"
4. I don't get cell phone reception in many places. (yes I have an iPhone, and yes I live in the Silicon Valley)
5. There is something to be said for being shaped in the private places. I am only 28 years old, I am so new in ministry. I don't want to short circuit character training through trying to act more public than I really am.
6. I have a hard time keeping up with my responsibilities as I focus on the church. Sometimes the requirements of the church and being a husband and a father take all of my time and I end up putting this kind of stuff on the "c" list. It doesn't get done and becomes a choice or a discipline.
7. It takes me a really long time to write a blog. I am sure I could get faster if I did it more often!

With that being said I have been challenged by some friends and here are some reasons I need to be more consistent:
1. People in the South Bay area read blogs and tweets.
2. Social media is the future of learning, marketing, communication and much more.
3. God has put things in my heart that need to be shared.
4. I can minister to and help a lot of people just through sharing my life on-line.
5. I live in the technology hub of the world!

I think that is about all I have to say about that!