Monday, September 21, 2009

Reflections on the weekend

This was a great weekend for the team at South Bay Church. There were many highlights from the weekend that are noteworthy so I will give you my random musings! 
* The weekend began at 8:30 est on Friday when I left the east coast from a pastor's training event. I had the opportunity to be around some great young pastors and learn from some of the fastest growing churches in the country. It took me 16 hours to get home and I finally landed in SJ at 9:30pm. 
* On Saturday and Sunday Over 50 people representing South Bay served throughout the course of the weekend at the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival. South Bay helped with setting up and taking down, cleaning up the park, and playing in the Kid Kingdom area of the event. Included in the 50 people was an incredible team from Lake Pointe Church in Dallas, TX. Lake Pointe is our primary sponsoring church and has done wonders in helping this church take off. Over the last year they have sent 6 different teams across the country to be a part of work. Every time they send top notch people! 
* I am consistently amazed by all the people who served this weekend. You guys had a great attitude, showed Jesus love and made a huge impact on our community! Please know that you are changing people's lives and making a huge difference! You are a part of a mighty movement of God that is going to change the world!! 
* It is always so incredible to be a part of our city's events. We believe that this is one of the best ways for the church to serve the community. Every time we serve it is amazing to see the responses of people in the community and city officials. 
* We finished up our Losing My Religion series with a message titled, "Stop Judging, Start Loving." I talked about how love is really what will change the world not judging. A Christ follower should become some overwhelmed by his or her need for forgiveness that we become overwhelmed with love for others. 
* Said that it is easiest to judge people in areas where we are strong. Yet we let others of the hook where we are weak. Kind of funny the way it works. There is a little hypocrisy in that! When I realize that I am not the judge but Jesus is and that I am not perfect but Jesus is, then there is much more love that flows from my life! 
* Challenged everyone to bring 1-3 friends next week for the kick off our "Questions for God" series. We as a team are praying that we would have over 200 adults there this weekend and that God would do amazing things in our midst! More on the series tomorrow! 
* South Bay Church is making progress, we had 190 people there this week, still hanging out around 200 people. Every week we continue to have good number of first time guests and people making decisions to follow Christ. There is a ton of great momentum! Now we are praying that God would really help this church go to the next level of effectiveness! 
* Excited about the fact that we will have an ad for the Questions for God series in the San Jose Mercury, the Santa Clara weekly and the Santa Clara University newspaper this week. Also, we have several banners up all over town that will be publicizing the launch of the new series. Please pray that God would move tremendously in people's hearts and help us get the word out!! 
* Looking forward to the biggest Sunday yet at South Bay on 9/27!! Don't miss out! Be there and bring a friend!