Monday, September 14, 2009

Swimming in a Dumpster

This morning I went swimming in a dumpster in search of an iPod and expensive speakers. Here is my reasoning... Last night after a newcomer's dessert for South Bay Church it was one of those rare instances where it is raining in the Silicon Valley. Rather than getting Archie's designer u2 version of the iPod and our church's nice desktop speakers wet we placed them inside of a plastic bag. A trash bag might I add. Between the clubhouse of my apartment and the trash shoot outside my door I began thinking about other things. Like changing the world, getting work done on Monday, and on and on. Unfortunately I forgot about the fact that I was holding close to $400 in electronics in my hands. This morning when we were hauling everything back up to the office I asked Filipe, "where are the speakers?" Well I immediately realized, "they are in the dumpster." So Archie and I took a quick trip back to the dumpster at North Park apartments. I dove in head first trying to find this valuable bag. I soon discovered everything my neighbors had eater over the weekend and the distinct smell Asian food makes once is has been processed and placed inside of a diaper. But I was willing to get dirty for this valuable item... And, by the grace of God I found this bag of goods. With only a minor ding in the iPod! We are celebrating listening to music on the iPod this morning. What a reminder of how God is with us as human beings. He stooped down out of heaven into the throws of humanity for the sake of finding our wayward souls and thus displayed his immense love for humanity! What a great reminder today. We have a good who stoops low because we are of infinite worth in His eyes. He is willing to get his hands dirty for you. The big difference between me and God in this illustration... God is not forgetful. We don't get lost because God forgets about us, but because we forget about Him. Let us be reminded of His love and desire for us to know Him today!