Monday, November 10, 2008

South Bay Prayer Chain

Starting on Friday morning at 10:30am (west coast time) we will have a 48 hour prayer chain leading up to the very first public worship gathering for South Bay Church. We are asking people to pick a 30 minute time slot between during that 48 hours and pray for the preview gathering. We will send out prayer requests for those who register. If you would like to participate here are the instructions...

Go to Google Calendar-
Login -
password - prayforsouthbay

Find a 30 minute time slot that is currently free and place your name in that slot!! We would love to have every time slot filled. If you are a morning person on the east coast we would like to ask you to take one of the earlier times so we can get all 48 hours covered!! make sure to note that all times are west coast time!

Here are 3 things to pray for:
1. Pray that God would move in the hearts of people who have been invite and many people would respond.
2. Pray that God would tremendously bless the flow of the morning and that his presence would change people's hearts.
3. Pray that some people would experience God's love and begin a growing relationship with Christ that morning!

Thanks a ton!!!