Monday, November 17, 2008


God just blew us away yesterday at South Bay Church's first monthly preview! It was absolutely unbelievable. There was such an excitement and sense of God's presence the whole day!!! We had 175 people present for this very first gathering! We had 5 people make a decision to follow Christ for the very first time. God truly gets all the credit. I am truly amazed by what happened.

So here our some of my bullet point reflections:
* Our team from Archie, Filipe, Stacie, Rebekah, Mandy and Renan did an incredible job. They busted their tails this last week. I was amazed at their faithfulness and diligence.
* Our launch team hit a home run. Many of them arrived as early as 7am to help with set up and stayed until after 1 cleaning up. It is unbelievable to see how God is pulling this team together so quickly.
* We had a mission team from rush creek church and about 4 people in town from S.C. to help with the Preview. They did stuff like pass out 3k door hangers, prayer walk our community, load the trailer, stuff programs, set up children's ministry and a ton more. they were awesome!!!
* I was able to focus on the message because our team did a great job, i did not have to worry about all the details. They get lots of credit for that.
* my wife Stacie planned our children's ministry, it made me want to be a kid again. she displayed a ton of leadership as well, she planned it and organized it and staffed it so that she could be in the main worship gathering for the adults.
* alot of people came from our mailers that we sent to the community. we sent out 32k to people who live in the area and did about 3k door hangers, this was a worthy investment of $$$.
* the music was incredible. i love the bass in our sound system, we want people to be able to feel the music!! our band did a great job of leading people in worship.

All I can say now is WOW!! Great job GOD!! You are worthy to be praised today for your good deeds. Great job TEAM! God blessed your hard work and diligence. I am proud to be your pastor and grateful that I get to serve alongside of each of you, being a part of the most worthy cause on the face of the planet. Looking forward to continuing to take our mountain... TOGETHER!!!

With love,