Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 Weeks Later

So, I have been a very bad blogger lately. For those of you who read this blog I must confess my apologies. I had a study group of readers until I made the trek across country. Well today we finally got our house fully functioning and we are in business. So now I have no more excuse for not faithfully blogging. I must say that this has been the least stressful move of my life. It has been a ton of hard work and many long 12-14 hour days working to get things in order. But, God provided all of the resources for our move and then some to set up house on this end. We also had my mother in law Trish in town who worked around the clock for a whole week. She Stacie and I would take turns keeping Caedmon going as the other two worked. Tonight I sit in my own office that is neat and clean with all of the my books, my desk, my computer, my filing cabinet, my office supplies, printer, everything I need to be productive in one place. We are so excited to finally be settled and ready to get to work launching South Bay Church. Thanks for all of your prayers along the way!