Monday, September 8, 2008

The Landmines of Life and Leadership

In life and leadership there are landmines. It seems like alot of times we get a leg blown off by things we didn't see coming. I've been thinking about this analogy that few days. I have had conversations with leaders who say, "I never saw that coming." The other day I was getting a little fearful thinking about all of the landmines that may take me by complete surprise. So I was talking with a mentor of mine regarding this issue. I began to ask the question, how can I turn this around and use this insight for growth and progress?

So several thoughts I had...
1. I can ask God to give me extra wisdom and discernment to sense when landmines are coming. He is infintely wise and can help me have a heightened sense of wisdom.
2. I can ask other people who have gone before me... "what are the landmines that you've seen others get blown up by?"
3. I can more specifically study the bible asking the "landmine" question.
4. I ask for God's help to plan and avoid some of these landmines.
5. I can pray for God's protection.
6. I can ask our team to communicate with me when they see things approaching and to keep me in the light on issues effecting them and their area of our organization.

I thought these were some pretty good solutions. I know that it is not likely to be completely void of pain and unexpected things in life and ministry. But, I certainly don't want to step on unneccesary landmines just for the sake of being macho. I would rather keep my legs so that I can run faster!