Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Enemy of Good

Recently I've been challenged by this thought, don't let a good solution be the enemy of the perfect solution. Often times we can get caught with indecision and struggle to find the perfect solution to a problem, when in truth we need a good solution to get the ball rolling. For example, often times when I am going into a meeting I will try and think of a perfect agenda for the meeting and stress out over more than I need to. I need to relax and let this meeting be a good meeting. When working on a strategy for spiritual growth or leadership development I can attempt to come up with the perfect system that I end up doing nothing. This is true especially when it comes to systems for organizations. Often times for health we need to prototype initiatives before we can come up with the perfect system. When you get the ball rolling you can shift the direction that ball is rolling. I believe this is one difference between entraprenuers and everyone else. They don't feel the need to perfect things before they start them. Don't hear me saying we shouldn't have a passion for excellence or work hard to make things better. I just believe that to experience maximum growth and momentum in an organization you have to be willing to try things that will not always go perfectly and be willing to take risks. We have to be willing to think outside the box and realize that sometimes a solution will not always be perfect the first time it is implemented, but it will put you further down the field and closer to the end goal. Don't get crippled by indecision and let perfect be the enemy of good and in turn become the enemy of progress.