Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes Man!

A conversation with a friend and Jim Carrey's recent movie titled Yes Man got me thinking. What if we determined to say yes to God in every area of our life from this day forward. What if in my heart I determined that in every area: finances, relationships, marriage, integrity, any form of purity, that I would to the best of my ability give a resounding yes to God? How would this change my life?! I started thinking, what if everyone from South Bay Church determined to say yes to God? How could we truly impact the Silicon Valley and the world. You can run this even a little less extreme, what if you just determined that for the next 30 days you would take his challenge in your finances and say yes to giving a full tithe? Or, what if you said yes to God and determined for the next 30 days you would follow his plan for purity in your life? Man this is a powerful question. I am building a message series out of this that we will do the first series after our launch. I can't wait. What if you said yes to Jesus right now? How would that change the rest of your life?