Friday, January 16, 2009

A Question For High Caliber Leaders

So I was recently thinking about guys like Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Andy Stanley, Ed Young, and just a few more. What is the difference in their style of leadership and every other pastor in America. Why is it that these men have been able to lead organizations as large as they do without those organizations crumbling, in addition to the grace of God. One pattern I see in these men is that each of them have the ability to retain super high caliber leaders on their teams. They are able to keep people around with A+ talent and a passion for God. The question then is, how do they do it? Why do people want to follow these types of men? I don't have the answer yet. Probably won't for a while. One of my mentors a guy named Steve Stroope has done the exact same thing. When you look at his staff there are a bunch of guys who could be pastoring churches on his staff but they've chosen to follow Steve. There is some ingredient I am looking for... What is this ingredient? Not sure yet, but I will find out. :-)