Monday, February 9, 2009

Capturing a Waterfall in a Thimble

This is the word picture that describes how I feel right now about my life. I feel like over the last 18 months of this journey I have prayed so hard, worked like crazy and asked God to move in mighty ways and now he has answered our prayers and rewarded our faithfulness. The truth is, he has done this beyond my expectations! Now we are here in the midst of a mighty movement of God and to get our hands around this thing is like trying to capture a waterfall with a thimble. We can't manufacture this movement, it is not by our might but by the blessing and hand of God. Now we need to get a bigger vessel to capture the movement. In essence our infrastructure has to grow in order that we can fully ride the wave God is sending us. We need more small groups, more volunteers, and offices for our staff to function at an optimal level. We must streamline our systems so that we are able to help people connect relationally and help this big mob flow into a body. So, now we must balance of making sure we are staying underneath the waterfall of God's movement and building a vessel large enough to capture what he is blessing us with. May he give the South Bay team wisdom and strength as we move this direction. May we continue to stay mission focused realizing that our work of impacting the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area is just beginning. The best is yet to come!