Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In life there is usually more to do than actually be done. Is that correct English. Most type-A personalities have a tendency to create a hub of activity wherever they go. It is kind of a crazy reality for me when I realize I've created more work for myself than i can actually handle. So it is important for me to look at my schedule and determine how much time I can allot to getting my work accomplished. In those times that are slated for work it then becomes very important that I always make sure I am working on the A-level priorities and the things that only I can do. Which at this point in the journey is an extremely hard thing. The challenge we face in the midst of the start up environment is that there are only so few people who can effectively be delegated to. That means that one of my A level priorities has to be developing the leaders around me and helping them reach their God given potential. If I don't do this I will become the bottleneck of what God wants to do in our midst. So this week I've had to start taking a hard look at what I am doing, what our staff is doing and what our volunteers are doing. I am asking God for lots of wisdom to build the bandwidth of those three areas by making sure we are focused on A level priorities and developing leaders. It is kind of crazy to think we have this huge group of people that don't know each other from Adam and now as a stewardship before God it is our responsibility to facilitate the proper environments so that community and relationships can happen. In addition to all of this I have to teach again this Sunday and bring it! I am praying that God would give me grace and wisdom to share his heart this Sunday and help people connect with his message for their lives. I am praying that God would grow our leadership and our bandwidth and help us stay harnessed with his movement and ready to receive the blessing he wants to give to South Bay Church. Lots to think about. Just what is on my mind this morning!