Friday, October 24, 2008

Reflections on the week

I've had a very busy week. Archie and I went to Vegas to visit a partnering church on Saturday and Sunday. We did not get back until after midnight on Sunday evening and then hit the ground running with a staff meeting at 10am on Monday morning. It has been a very crazy week for me to say the least.

Here are some random reflections on my week:
* After starting Breakthrough Church five years ago I have forgotten how much time, money, energy, prayer, and tears go into the launch of a brand new church. I guess it is kind of like having a baby, you forget about the pain after the birth. This is season is requiring everything from me, my family and our team.
* Having a great team and a lot of external financial support does not relieve the internal pressures I feel as a pastor. In fact, it actually ups the intensity.
* Our team is working very hard and doing a great job of planning and meeting people, I am very proud of them.
* My wife continues to kick tail with building friendships. She knows like 80 moms now, and is regularly meeting people for coffee and hangout. I am a very blessed husband. She loves me, loves God, loves my son and loves the church. I could not ask for more than that.
* Ministry really is all about people. Changed lives is why we do what we do. If I ever lose site of this I have missed the point!
* Projects and planning never go as fast as I want... it took us lots of work to get the mailer nailed down for the first service. Bill Jones from UDFD Design did a great job! I can't wait to send it out! I think we are going to have a ton of people respond.
* Our location is nailed down for our previews and it is Don Callejon elementary right in the heart of the Rivermark master planned community.
* We are only 3 weeks away from our first preview gathering... details are coming together. the children's ministry is going to be kicking! archie has done a phenomenal job getting equipment and music lined up, and the message I am giving is burning in my heart already!
* I am very grateful for people who pray for me on a daily basis. I sent out a prayer update on Thursday in the midst of our toughest day yet in the valley and I literally had over 30 people who emailed back with encouragement. it was a huge lift and God is answering our prayers.
* We are making lots of progress with the gospel in relationships with people who are seeking.
* I am really praying that we have over 150 people at our first preview!
* Sharing from Acts 2 this Sunday at our launch team meeting. one of my favorite chapters in the bible. i am supposed to sit down because there are just over 20 people in the room, I don't think that will be possible!! The chapter on the birth of the local church... Get ready!

That's it for now.