Monday, October 20, 2008

Who sets the standard?

Have you ever realized that in every industry someone sets the standard. You can debate who actually sets the standard, but someone does. Now for search engines who can compare with Google? If you disagree just look at Yahoo's stock versus Google's stock... Sorry Yahoo gang. Apple is now setting the standard for innovation with personal computers. You have people who set the standard in fashion, in cars, in the media, and much more. Companies are constantly wrestling for the standard setting position because they know that this is where victory is held. I wonder though who sets the standard for our lives? Who sets the standard for what is excellent, what is noble, what is good and beautiful? I love a comment that David from the bible makes in Psalm 62 that says, "my victory and honor come from God alone." In essence he finds the standard for excellence and for success in God alone. I think it is helpful to realize that God ultimately sets the standard. He the creator sets the standard for what is good, he sets the standard for what is beautiful, he sets the standard for success and when I begin to take the cues regarding his standards I end up finding a whole new level of joy, peace, contentment and hope in life. When I look to him for my honor, my victory, my standard, my life is radically altered and tremendously more focused!