Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Perversion of Justice

Tonight I went with a friend to see another movie with bad cops, "pride and glory." Another instance where justice is perverted and we are led to ask the question, "does the end justify the means?" when one utilizes a process that is unjust to achieve some form of justice does this make his or her actions right? in addition to creating corrupt processes for implementing justice this movie led viewers to believe that many times those who are supposed to uphold justice are in fact crooked themselves and unfortunately don't rule justly. unfortunately this subject is a tad bit complex and cannot be broken down into a small blog so I will just give my bullet point conclusions after thinking about justice for a couple of hours... :-)
* the end does not justify the means. if there is an unjust process that has a tinge corruption than at some point that corruption will come to the surface and not solve the problem, which is evil in the human heart.
* the justice system does not always work because of the impurity of the human heart. when anything is run or ruled by people with hearts intent on evil, the ultimate outworking will eventually be a corrupt system.
* the bible describes God as a just God, ultimately he will right wrongs and establish justice.
* the absence of complete justice on the earth does not reveal a lack of competency on God's part, rather the evil in the human heart.

That's all for now.